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3649 West 10400 South, Suite 102
South Jordan, UT, 84095
United States


Specializing in eyelash extensions, The Blooming Rose strives to provide beauty professionals with top of the line tools and consumers with the best quality service they can get in this industry. We know that this marketplace is constantly evolving and so are we. Our team wants to provide YOU with the right tools and education in order to maintain the products, techniques, and services you love whether you are a professional, student, or consumer.




MASTER: Most experienced and offer expertise in trouble shooting. Masters have expertise in what curl, shape, and lengths work best for all eye shapes.

ARTIST: Artists are closely trained and are working on eventually perfecting their craft in the speed and accuracy of volume fans technique. Artists are learning to perfect troubleshooting and have adapted to lash mapping of all eye shapes/sizes.

APPRENTICE: Closely trained and are working on their speed and accuracy of volume fans technique. Apprentices are working on lash mapping, and ensuring full coverage of natural lashes.

Why eyelash extensions? Lash extensions make getting ready a breeze. There is no need for mascara or even eyeliner because lash extensions enhance your natural lash line. You can wake up every morning and still feel beautiful without a full face of makeup or having your hair dolled up. The look of your extensions are catered to your personal eye shape and your makeup style. Your lash artist will cater to your needs and design a look as natural or as dramatic as possible, depending on the health of your natural lashes. Lash extensions are placed one at a time, never in clusters, by a licensed professional.